5 Best Keyboard Apps for Android Phones That Don’t Lag

Do your Android keyboards take a longer time to display text even if you typed long before? Or does it crash frequently? Unfortunately, these indicate that the keyboard lags. Here’s where you would be looking for the best keyboard apps for Android Phones That don’t lag, and we have covered you all with it!

Well, various Inbuilt keyboards of Android cannot match the faster typing speed. At the same time, others are poorly built, which causes them to lag. Besides, if your Android keyboard cache is accumulated, it crashes frequently. Though clearing it helps avoid the issue, frequent crashes indicate it cannot handle the load. Here’s where our guide will take you through the best tried and tested keyboard, which legitimately works!

1] Bobble Keyboard 

How about a keyboard that works faster and lets you express yourself fully?

If yes, then the Bobble Keyboard is what you need! 

The keys of this keyboard are adequately spaced, which lets you type faster. Further, the classic design produces better visibility. The keyboard works on Bobble AI, automatically predicting pop-up texts and stickers based on the words you type. 

Therefore, you can choose whether to send plain text, pop-up text, or stickers. It helps you express yourself better. Further, it has plenty of emojis and emoticons, which make things easier for you. 

Besides, it has versatile speech-to-text functionality and reliable voice typing. Like any other keyboard, it does have a Word Correction feature, which makes correction of spelling mistakes simpler. 

Moreover, you don’t have to add words to its dictionary for the future. This is because its AI automatically shows them in suggestions so that next time, you can glide and tap the word.  


  • Smooth and easy glide 
  • Faster typing 
  • Beginner-friendly 


  • Sometimes, the stickers generated are too plain for rare words 

Click here to check it now

2] Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard 

How about a non-lagging and smoother working keyboard that makes you more productive? 

Well, if yes, then you cannot miss out on checking the Microsoft SwiftKey AI keyboard! 

It has integrated the GPT-4 powered Bing AI, which gives answers based on refined web searches. Thus, you can share your queries about your school/college questions or even retrieve some information from it. 

Besides, it has a slightly larger font size, which promotes easier visibility on the go! Unlike most other keyboards on PlayStore, this one doesn’t have a glitchy autocorrect, which is reliable. Further, its AI technology even suggests words based on your texting. 

If you are swift and faster while chatting, it offers swipe between letters functionality, which is an asset to you. Additionally, it is multilingual and supports 700 languages. 


  • Multilingual support 
  • Beautiful emojis
  • Accurate and customizable 
  • Smoother swipe between letters functionality


  • Bing pop-up sometimes covers the entire screen 

Click here to check it now

3] Grammarly

When you are in a hurry to send important messages to your office or any other acquaintances and write poor grammar, then how strange is it? 

Well, that’s a pretty awkward situation, especially when someone points it out! 

To avoid the embarrassment, you must try your hands on Grammarly. It lets you write mistake-free and corrects your grammar and vocabulary for sophisticated writing.

Thus, you can compose emails on the go! Further, it also gives short and crisp information about the mistake and what Grammarly would change it to! Thus, you can decide wisely.

Additionally, when you type with Grammarly and tap on any word, it even displays some of the synonyms you can replace it with. It even detects the overall tone of the text. 

This is not a usual sophisticated keyboard that corrects Grammar, but it has tons of emojis. Also, you can customize it to any foreign language. Besides, it even lets you set a custom photo for your keyboard and, apart from giving options of display in dark and light mode. 


  • Checks text for several language-related aspects
  • Error-less typing 
  • Easy to use 


  • Needs a robust internet connectivity for proper functioning 
  • Lacks stickers and GIFs

Click here to check it now

4] Ginger Keyboard – Emoji, GIFs

Did you feel an absence of GIFs on the Grammarly writing keyboard? Are you willing to correct your grammatical errors yet retain the fun aspect of your conversations? 

If yes, then Ginger Keyboard is a must-check under your list! 

Unlike other keyboards, which check your words for everything you type that disrupts your typing, the Ginger keyboard checks it all at once! 

This is because it leverages a remarkable Contextual Grammar and Spellcheck Proofreader algorithm. It checks your text at once for all the mistakes; thus, you can check the Suggestions and accordingly rectify them. 

You can even correct all the mistakes with a single tap and even rephrase your text for clarity. The multilingual keyboard supports many emojis you can search in any language. 

Similarly, you can search for what you wish to express with a GIF, and it fetches that automatically for you to choose one. It does let you retain your fun side and even customize the themes accordingly. 

Furthermore, you can even create the desired theme with its Inbuilt feature. It’s one of the few keyboards that even let’s play Inbuilt games. 

Lastly, it has an Inbuilt language translation, which lets you translate things on the go! 


  • Faster writing with Swipe typing functionality 
  • Responsive technical support 
  • Easy to use 


  • Spelling suggestions are sometimes inaccurate 

Click here to check it now

5] Gboard- The Google Keyboard 

Does your Inbuilt keyboard don’t match your typing speed and lack functionalities? 

If yes, then Gboard is what you need!

The keyboard from Google is perfectly optimized for Androids and works flawlessly with utmost precision and smoothness. It even has glide typing, so you can type quickly while lazy.

Further, its voice typing automatically types as you dictate text. It even lets you write in cursive and print handwriting. It is one of the best multilingual keyboards, as you don’t have to switch between languages for corrections. You have to enable specific languages, and at a glance, the keyboard will auto-detect changes from the language it has to make. 

Besides, if you have a SmartWatch, then you can integrate it with it, too, making things simpler for you. Like other keyboards, it too supports a variety of emojis, yet the best part is that all of them are easy to search and locate. It even has the most trending GIFs for you to explore. 


  • Native Asian language support 
  • Inbuilt language translator
  • Variety of gesture controls 


  • Not compatible with Android Go devices 

Click here to check it now

The Bottom Line 

If you were searching for the best keyboard apps for Android that don’t lag, you would have got your answer! Plenty of keyboards are available on PlayStore, yet only Bobble, Microsoft SwiftKey AI, Grammarly, Ginger, and Gboard deserve your time. Amongst these, Bobble is best if you love playing with stickers.

Moreover, if you want to correct grammatical errors to avoid embarrassment, Grammarly and Ginger ease you. Further, for simplicity, you can use Gboard. 

Which keyboard do you use? Please let us know in the comments below! 

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