A missing Cat found after 7 years who is living in a factory


A British lady happily found her missing cat, Duke, after a long seven years. Duke, a Bengal cat, had disappeared from home following a disagreement with his feline sibling, Nero, back in January 2017. Despite numerous attempts and months of searching, Stephanie Barstow from Corby, Northamptonshire, had almost given up hope. Surprisingly, Duke was discovered living in a factory just 300 yards away from home, marking a heartwarming reunion after so many years.

Guess what? Stephanie Barstow got the surprise of her life when a vet knocked on her door. Why? Because her long-lost cat, Duke, was found! And get this, Duke wasn’t chilling on some distant island; he was just 300 yards away in a nearby factory.

Can you believe it? Stephanie couldn’t. She was telling the story, and she’s like, “This vet lady shows up, asking if I’m Duke’s owner. I was like, ‘Wait, what?’ She spills the beans that Duke had been living in a factory close to my place. I was so shocked, I just broke down.”

Turns out, the factory workers had been Duke’s unexpected hosts. They fed him and gave him a cozy spot to crash, but when they thought the place wasn’t safe anymore, they took him to the vet.

Now, here’s the wild part. Duke had a microchip, but Stephanie’s phone number was outdated. The vet, being a superhero, tracks down Stephanie’s place and gives her the jaw-dropping news right at her door. Can you imagine the reunion? Duke’s seven-year adventure finally led him back home, all thanks to a knock on Stephanie’s door and some caring factory workers. Talk about a paw-some tale! 🐾✨

Stephanie Barstow couldn’t have been happier to have Duke back, but with some new additions to her household—a dog and a sweet new baby—she realized it was time for Duke to find a new home. So, she set out to find him the perfect family, making sure he’d be just as loved and cared for in his new place.