Best Crowdfunding Sites

Best Crowdfunding Sites: You’re an investor of a startup! Wow. But that sounds cool only when your money throws in is actually working. And when you found the real project that gives you desired returns timely, consider yourself lucky.

One thing to pursue in such a way is Crowdfunding!

Firstly, Crowdfunding is a method of collecting funds from the public (mostly general people) by an entrepreneur to aid his project or startup. For that, he drafts a plan and creates a prototype and showcases on crowdfunding websites to raise money. As simple it is.

Wait, we are supposed to be a tech blog, but are we going financially? Yes, we found this cool integration financing by technology which is of online crowdfunding are must-see things.

You want to be a supporter, or an investor, or just interested in their works, try getting on board in the below sites to check how creative the projects are going. And if that interests you, you may financially aid them online.

So here are some reputed sites for such purposes. Take a look:-

4 Best Crowdfunding Sites for Startups & Investors

1. Kickstarter – Best Crowdfunding Sites 2022

Best Crowdfunding Sites 2022
Best Crowdfunding Sites 2022

Its name has been the synonym for crowdfunding. It’s a way to bring creative projects to life, which has huge popularity in terms of visitors and projects.

Kickstarter campaigns have already raised over US$2.8B. It’s hosted 118,000 successful projects, has a total of 12 million backers. Where

you’ll tend to find more artists, musicians, filmmakers, geeks, and techy gadget makers on Kickstarter. One thing, even though it has a massive following, its projects attaining success is quite low in comparison to its competitors. And all of the above, it works off the All-or-Nothing model of funding, which is, the campaigner gets the fund only when his set target is fulfilled in a given time. If not, they will be reverted to funders.


  • 5% of the total funds raised and payment processing fees of 3% + $0.20 per pledge.
  • Pledges under $10 have a discounted micro ledge fee of 5% + $0.05 per pledge.

2. Indiegogo – Best Crowdfunding Sites for Startups

Best Crowdfunding Sites for Startups
Best Crowdfunding Sites for Startups

It is being reputed for being far more personable and lovely, with a responsive customer support staff available to help you out, which is a major perk on comparing with Kickstarter.

You’ll see more small businesses, controversial ideas, NGOs, and mass manufacturing at Indiegogo. It is more like a pro-funding site with interesting projects to hover around. You pledge and wait for your confirmation and on approval, lay back. It takes time for your money to grow and when the business kicks with more seriousness, VC’s chase and put up a price tag for your shares, leading to lumpsum results.

Best in here, Indiegogo runs on a non-fixed goal, which is, whatever the amount raised for a campaign, even without achieving the threshold, the raised sum is transferred to the campaigner instantly.

Fees –

  • 5% of total funds raised and a payment processing fee of 3% + $0.30 per pledge and $25 for a wire transfer (if sent from non-US banks).

3. GoFundMe – Best Crowdfunding Sites for Personal

Best Crowdfunding Sites for Personal
Best Crowdfunding Sites for Personal

This site is more of personal funding rather than for professional means. Here, fundraisers could be mostly for their memorials, education, medical, emergencies, charities and even for celebration expenses. So, upon pledging the sum, you’re wishing for return but the happiness of donating. This site is so much flexible that, it permits almost anyone to raise the funds for quite personal reasons which are legitimate. The best thing, unlike Kickstarter, it doesn’t run on the All-or-Nothing model. So if the campaigner has not reached the required goal, still the pledged amount is given.

Fees –

  • Individual campaigners will be charged nothing for total fundraised, but the processing fee of 2.9% and $0.3 per donation. And the charitable campaigners are charged with 7.9% + $0.3 per donation.

Not leaving behind India’s best crowdfunding site Ketto.

4. Ketto – Best Crowdfunding Sites in India

Best Crowdfunding Sites in India
Best Crowdfunding Sites in India

This site is revamped according to our Indian needs. Here crowdfunding is subject to aiding for personal needs, creative projects in tech or animal welfare, some for families of martyred soldiers, and even platelet donations for dengue victims. Kinds of donations in diverse fields make it standout in Indian sense.

Fees –

  • It varies accordingly for campaigners depending on their professional status.
  • If the campaigner/fundraiser is an
  • NGO – 6%
  • Individual or a Company – 5%
  • Select campaigns by Ketto – 13% (which is given an extra push for promotions)

There’s no donor charge specifically but may cost processing fees depending on payment type.

There are still numerous sites for crowdfunding, but these are our picks for now. Anyway, it takes the investor a lot to find the best and most of such can be found in the aforementioned mammoths.


Remember that the platform will not do the job alone and you have to put the work in if you want to be successful. Crowdfunding is just a cool technique for both creators and investors for turning their wishful acts true. And either be the creator or the funder, the former has to come up with good work of business and the latter has to make deep analysis when pledging the sum.

Careful, Stay Aware and Happy Investing.


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