How To Fix Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error Effectively? 

How To Fix Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error Effectively?
How To Fix Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error Effectively?

Being a hardcore gamer, I can pretty well relate to the fact that we pros are hooked to our games and can’t stay away from them. So, whether you are traveling or outdoors, we always cherish the time to connect with it. Therefore, you might be having your Steam deck. 

You are on the edge of completing a milestone in your game and suddenly have to travel. Well, here’s where you would think of taking the Steam deck along. As soon as you find it feasible on the go, you grab it and want to resume. But the progress isn’t synced, upsetting you. 

So, if you are looking for how to fix the Steam Deck cloud sync error, then I’ve mentioned the most effective workarounds for it!

What is Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error?

Steam Deck Cloud Sync allows you to save your game progress and resume it where you have stopped on any device. It is a technical glitch that creates issues in saving your game between Steam Deck and Steam Cloud due to this error. You lose your progress in the game and also encounter other errors.

Why Does Steam Cloud Sync Issue? 

Finding a solution for the problem without knowing its cause is like getting blood out of a stone. So it’s essential to know the cause of this error. Disabled cloud synchronization in a low network area leads to the steam deck cloud sync error.

If you play a game on both Steam Deck and a PC, it will mismatch the platform, which gives you an error. It also occurs due to incorrect configuration, corrupted game files, and outdated SteamOS.

How to Fix Steam Deck Cloud Sync Error? 

Several methods exist to fix the cloud sync error on your Steam Deck. The solution which would work for you depends upon its causes. So, without any further ado, let’s dig into the details! 

Method 1: Check The Steam Server Status 

Steam servers down can be the reason behind the Steam deck cloud sync error. Your device would be working properly, but the server would face an issue.

To Check your Steam server status, use SteamStat or DownDetector sites to view others’ reviews if they are facing the same issue.

Method 2: Restart Your Device

Sometimes, there is a glitch on your device, not on Steam Deck. All you have to do is restart your device. To do this, 

  • Press the Steam button
  • Select Power from the left pane 
  • Choose the Restart option from it

Wait till the restart process completes and time try again. Most often, it fixes the issue if it occurred due to too much RAM usage or a temporary glitch. 

Method 3: Enable Cloud Sync

In every application, you find an option to turn sync features on/off. Check if you accidentally turn off this option. When you allow it, all the games will be synced automatically. 

Here are the steps you can follow to enable Cloud Sync;

  • Press the Steam button, and go to Settings
  • In it, select Cloud from the left pane 
  • Toggle on the Enable Steam Cloud option to turn it on

But if it is already enabled, then the below methods will help you fix it as the cause is different. 

Method 4: Update the Steam Deck Game

If you’re done with all the methods but still experiencing a problem, then there are high chances the game you are trying to use is outdated. You should check for the game’s update regularly to prevent unnecessary errors. 

Here are the steps you can follow;

  • Press the Steam button and select Library
  • Find a game from it, press the gear icon, and locate the game settings
  • In it, open Game Properties 

You can then find if there’s any update available and then proceed to it. But if there’s none, then the following method will help! 

Method 5: Update the Steam Deck 

You should also check whether you have updated the SteamOS. If you continue to use the obsolete version without updating, it often gives you a Steam deck cloud sync error. 

Here’s you can update the Steam Deck: 

  • Press the Power button 
  • Choose Settings from the left pane 
  • Choose the Check for Updates option
  • If there is any update, click the Apply button

SteamOS will update it when you complete rebooting your device.

Method 6: Use Proton

When you need to make Windows games compatible with your handheld device, proton comes into use. If not used, window games on other devices show a Steam deck cloud sync error due to platform mismatch. 

To use Proton, here are the steps;

  • Go to the Games Library 
  • Tap the Gear icon to go to Settings 
  • In Settings, you will find a properties option.
  • Find Compatibility and check for options to force the specific steam compatibility tool.
  • After that, you can opt for Proton in the drop-down menu.

The Bottom Line 

Steam Deck Cloud Sync error is frustrating but can be tackled effectively. There are many ways discussed in the article which you can follow to avoid the error. All the methods are effective and can be used according to the defect. But enabling cloud sync prior is the most effective one. Because of this, there are very few chances of an error occurring. It will sync all the games automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can you know if a game supports Steam Cloud?

If your game supports Steam Cloud, you will find a logo on the upper right corner of the store page.

  1. What is cloud syncing?

Cloud Syncing is a type of application that keeps the files at different locations and can be used at any time when you have stopped.

  1. Can you turn off Steam Cloud Sync?

Yes, you can disable Cloud Sync in the settings. You can also turn it off for a game you want. However, it is advised to enable Cloud Sync because it will prevent the Cloud Sync error.