Free Calls Online Without Registration

Free Calls Online Without Registration: Imagine you’ve lost your phone at a place you know none. What will you do to contact your bother-ones? If there’s an internet available and a device you could borrow for a few minutes, you can definitely help out yourselves from such situations.

It would be very much helpful on having access to these wonderful sites that allow us to talk, text, video chat and even file sharing over the internet without having your phone actually.

How’s that’s possible? That’s the technology called VoIP. Which is Voice Over Internet Protocol. Well, it would be scientific and hard for normies like us to understand it. So we will just discover the websites which are offering us these services for free to use it.

3 Best Sites To Make Free Calls Online Without Registration:

1. – Free Online Calling

Which I found to be the best. There are other similar websites called and which claims to provide the same free calling services by VoIP. And when tried, they direct to saying it’s their partner website.

The Poptox and CitrusTel have only the feature of free calling service on its websites, but the spytox website has services of calling, texting and even knowing a person’s almost complete details just by his mail address. But, careful. When tried to extract details by mail, it shows up “Getting details from dark web” which is terrifying. So better limit yourself to calling others. And yeah, it’s registration free!

2. – Make Free Calls Online

Which seems in collaboration with which is yet another VoIP service provider.

This is definitely the best one in call connectivity and rates. All though every site claims to be free by service, they offer credits for the first ever free trials. And then, the user is supposed to purchase/deposit money into an account to make calls. Here, this service is at dead cheap rates on comparing to others. And if course, it’s a way better than Viber or Skype.

Upon trails for free service, this website prompts to download its app from either playstore or appstore. When gone, it shows up the iEvaphone app to download and that’s why I said of collaboration before. As it is credited with developers of call2friends. The app is a sophisticated one with mail registration(can skip that too) and dial-up immediately.

3. – Free Call Worldwide Online

Which is another phone reverse lookup, kinda spytox. It too provides the free calling services by credit points and when over you can gain them by sharing on other sites. The bonus achieved from so will be useful for other call-ups. And the reverse phone lookup is entirely free but to limited countries at present. But by far, seems convenient and useful, unlike other false claiming free calling websites.

Wrapping Up:

Well, besides you could use Facebook for calling and chatting. But it requires you to sign up and add others as a friend to do so.

And same with hangouts too. You need your mail account to sign up and to connect.

But these above mentioned few are the best, hands tried on and for anonymity. They seem free but only to a certain extent. All of the services give the user tiny credits to spend for. And if consumed, they need to gain more by sharing on social platforms, paying/purchasing or by some tasks.

Tbh, nothing is free as it seems. You may feel that you’re enjoying something without a penny spent, but you’re putting yourself into the stake for advertisers instead of money. That’s a cool game plan and lucrative business running in the backstage which goes unseen. Until you feel the importance of self-privacy, you could almost use anything for free in this world.


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