How to Fix Keyboard Lagging on Android Phone {Tested Solutions}

Have you been in a hurry to message someone, and your keyboard doesn’t work correctly? Or were you chatting with your beloved, and the keyboard lagging on Android phone interrupted the process? I know it is frustrating to waste your time when the keyboard doesn’t support you! Being an Android owner, I used to face a similar issue. 

Well, Android has comprehensive functionality, and not all its inbuilt apps are well-optimized as per the hardware. Besides, due to RAM limitations, the OS develops plenty of cache memory, causing various errors. 

Further, keyboard lagging is one of these issues, especially when you have been using the keyboard continuously for some time. Indeed, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it; instead, it has developed a glitch due to configuration or similar aspects. 

So, without further ado, let’s dig into the solutions I found compelling!

What Causes Keyboard Lagging on Android Phone? 

Fixing a problem without knowing its cause is like biting off more than you can chew. So, it is compulsory to know the reason for understanding the solution. 

Here are some reasons why our Android phone keyboard lags:

  • If your device’s CPU (Central Processing Unit) gets overloaded by running many apps simultaneously, your keyboard can lag. It’s because it then slows the performance of your Android and decreases keyboard sensitivity. You are advised to restart your device to lower its load.
  • If you have a long list of words or copied items on your keyboard, this can cause keyboard lagging. You need to clear your clipboard to minimize lag.
  • Sometimes, improper keyboard configurations also cause your keyboard to lag. 

How to Fix Keyboard Lagging on Android Phone 

There are several reasons why you face keyboard lagging on an Android phone. Yet, using logical solutions, you can fix it without worrying much! We have mentioned how to do so, but remember that the method might show slight variations depending on your OEM. 

Method 1: Re-launch The Keyboard

The most direct approach to fix keyboard launching is to close the keyboard and re-launch it. Often, it improves the issue; the following method will help you! 

Method 2: Delete Items on Clipboard 

Cut, copy, and paste works easily, and you would do it like crazy. Further, how about sneaky screenshots and sharing them with others? 

It is a fun part of today’s era, and it’s pretty common that you would do it! But do you know that these images and texts accumulate things on the clipboard? 

When you add too many items to your clipboard, it increases the pressure on your keyboard. This causes the keyboard to malfunction. Sometimes, your keyboard shows some incorrect words that you type, and you add those words to your keyboard. They occupy space in memory and interfere with keyboard functioning. 

To avoid keyboard lagging, you need to lessen the pressure. So delete all the saved words and clear your clipboard. 

Here’s how you can do so: 

  • Open your keyboard in WhatsApp and long-press on the screen 
  • Tap Clipboard to open it
  • Click the Bin icon at the bottom-right of the keyboard 

This will clear all the items from your clipboard and work fine. But if you have nothing on it, the following methods would help! 

Method 3: Clear Keyboard Cache 

You would not know that the activity of your keyboard gets recorded for faster fetching as a cache memory. This is responsible for your keyboard’s smooth functioning and also stands you up for facing the keyboard lagging. Clean this cache memory to avoid keyboard lagging on your Android phone. 

  • Go to Settings and navigate to Applications 
  • Navigate to your keyboard and open Storage
  • Tap the Clear Cache option

Your cache memory will be cleared, and your keyboard lagging issue will be sorted to some extent.

Method 4: Restart Phone 

Besides accumulated keyboard cache, too much RAM usage on your phone also accounts for lags in using the keyboard and sometimes even keyboard crashes. A simple way to deal with it is to restart your phone, and taa-daa, most often, it resolves your issue! 

Method 5: Do not use Auto Functions

Sometimes, you use Auto correction and Auto Capitalization features to save time. But you are unaware that these features may slow down your keyboard working and result in keyboard lagging. 

If you think your keyboard responds late, then turn off these features. These features also have other impacts on your writing. They often result in mistakes if they get your word wrong. 

When you turn off these features, you get more control over your typing. Your typing speed also fastens by turning off these features.

To turn off this feature

  • Go to keyboard settings
  • Click on Text correction, and you will find an option for auto-correction, auto-space, and auto-capitalization
  • Turn these features off

Now, check, and it resolves the issue if these were turned on! 

Method 6: Disable Predictive Typing 

Sometimes, you can use the next-word suggestion feature. It can boost the speed but slow the performance of your keyboard. Because whenever you type something, the keyboard tries to find the next word and show suggestions. But it gives you a prize for keyboard lagging. 

So it is advised not to use this feature. Slow work is better than doing nothing. 

To turn this feature off:

  • Open your keyboard and tap the gear-shaped icon to open keyboard Settings        
  • Scroll to Predictive text and toggle it off 

It will troubleshoot the keyboard’s slower functioning and lagging problem. 

Method 7: Avoid Using Custom Themes

Many people enjoy customizing their keyboards with fun designs or personal pictures. They are unaware that these extra themes add more pressure to their keyboard. Additional processing power is also needed for customized themes. If you are also one among them, then set your theme to default. 

Some keyboards like Gboard have this functionality, so you have to rest the keyboard to default:

  • Go to Keyboard Settings and navigate to Themes 
  • The Themes section opens; click Default to use the default keyboard theme

But if you don’t have the feature, this solution isn’t for you, so roll over to the next! 

Method 8: Update the Keyboard App

If your keyboard is not updated, it often interferes with its functionality. Obsolete versions develop bugs and glitches, face compatibility issues, and more. Hence, update your keyboard app from PlayStore or your phone’s app updater like the Galaxy Store

Method 9: Decrease Keyboard Touch and Hold Delay 

For any keyboard, the long press delay option, like keyboard touch and hold delay, allows you to type special characters hidden behind the main words when you press long. 

It is 300ms by default in Gboard and 0.3 seconds in Inbuilt ones like the Samsung keyboard. 

Decrease this value because the higher the value, the longer it feels to write the special character. 

Decrease Touch and Hold Delay in the Inbuilt Keyboard 

  • Go to Keyboard Settings 
  • Scroll down to Swipe, touch and feedback 
  • Select Keyboard Touch and Hold Delay and choose the Short option for the minimum delay 

Decrease Long Press Delay on Google Keyboard 

  • Go to your keyboard Settings
  • Choose the Preferences option 
  • In it, you will find the key long-press delay feature where you have to decrease the value

On some keyboards, you might even have a slider to adjust the delay. Doing so speeds up the typing speed. 

Method 10: Use Glide Typing

Glide type allows you to type your words and sentences in no time without offering a keyboard lagging. You can go for this option to avoid keyboard lagging.

For it, 

  • Go to Keyboard Settings and scroll to Glide Typing 
  • Toggle on the Enable Glide Typing option

Yet, not all of you would have the Glide Typing feature, so let’s move to the following method! 

Method 11: Use the  Keyboard without Ads

Keyboards with ads are an essential factor when using third-party tools.  Keyboard-showing ads can ruin the performance of your keyboard. Avoid using such a keyboard for a good experience, faster writing, and eliminating lags. 

Method 12: Update the System Software 

When you don’t update your phone’s software on time, it slows down the device working. The keyboard is an integral part of your phone as it is needed everywhere. So, whether you want to chat or search for something on Google, YouTube, etc, you cannot do without a keyboard. 

Don’t think about Google Assistant, as it cannot replace the usage of a keyboard. So, up-to-date devices affect the keyboard’s functioning, and you can face lagging. So, keep your device updated to avoid keyboard lagging.

The Final Word

Keyboard lagging on Android Phone is a frustrating issue, but it can be resolved by following simple steps. It is not to be too worried as it can occur due to heavy load on CPU and Clipboard. Yorestart-start your phone, and clean your clipboard. You need to disable auto functions from the keyboard, like auto-correction. 

Keyboard usage without custom themes can also help tackle the issue. Sometimes, word suggestions can also be the reason for keyboard lagging. 

Updating the system software on time also proves helpful. These are the points you can follow to avoid keyboard lagging on Android phones. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why does your keyboard lag?

Your keyboard lags when the CPU overloads and the Clipboard holds too many unnecessary items.

  1. Why you should not use Custom themes for your keyboard?

Using custom themes adds more pressure to the keyboard, which slows down its performance. So, it is advised to use the default theme.

  1. What if a keyboard with ads is used?

If you use a keyboard with ads, you may not type correctly. It will distract you from typing and also affect the performance of your keyboard.

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