How to Reorder & Organize Pages Of Any PDF

How to Reorder & Organize Pages Of Any PDF

You often receive certain PDFs with pages not arranged in the correct order. You would also be scanning a PDF, missing a page or two, and later scanning it. In such a scenario, your PDF becomes disorganized. Such PDFs often create a mess and become quite inconvenient for you. Also, PDFs are meant to be in proper order, simplifying reading and printing.

Therefore, rectifying mismanaged pages becomes essential. If you are looking for how to reorder and organize pages of any PDF, we have covered you all.

You can do so using tools or apps meant for the purpose. Plus, you do not have to spend a single penny to do so, and it’s easy and time-saving apart from effortless.

Top 5 Free Tools to Reorder and Organize Pages of PDF

Several tools let you reorder and organize pages of PDF for free. However, finding one that works effectively is challenging. 

We have handpicked and selected the best ones under the category: 

1] Notebloc

How about a PDF Reorder tool that is free to use and even compresses them? 

If yes, then Notebloc is the ideal choice for you!

The app is incredible; you need not spend a single dime to use it. Apart from certain PDFs, it lets you Reorder the pages using a simple drag-and-drop gesture. Besides, the coolest part about it is its Filters. 

Every category app supports them, but its filters are seamless and neat. The best one is the Notebloc filter. WhatsApp and Gmail have a file size limit. Besides, greater-sized files usually take longer to share. Here, the app has an inbuilt PDF compression option. 

Using it, you can share PDFs or export them after compression. You get four compression options viz. Actual, Medium, Small, and Smallest. 

Moreover, it does not bring any notable quality difference after compression in a fraction of a second. It does suffer from a drawback: it has plenty of ads, but using the app in the Offline mode saves you against it. You can import files from your device or Google and create PDF backups using Drive sync. 

Check out the app here

2] Foxit PDF Editor

How about a PDF organizer tool wherein you can create files using its inbuilt templates?

If yes, then Foxit nails them well! 

You can open the app and roll on to the Templates section. In it,  you will find templates about Education, Business, HR, Research and Design, and even Meetings and Workshops. Thus, you can edit them to create custom schedules, resumes, CVs, diagrams, invitations, and lots more. Furthermore, you can share them as PDFs. 

Using this app, you can make a custom toolkit, which may include a specific highlight option, text box, marker, comment, strike-through tools, and similar. Thus, you can reorder, organize, annotate, and even protect your file. All you have to do is create a PDF or import them from the device or cloud drive. 

Further, it has a rich reading experience and can even bookmark pages. You can even sign PDFs apart from editing and managing them. 

The most incredible aspect is the PDF creator option, which lets you create files in an HD format. So, reading, organizing, and annotating are easy. It’s available on PlayStore for free, has a simple and easy-to-use interface, and can protect your PDF files by encrypting them. 

Thus, you can even secure them, which makes it a power-packed PDF organizer tool. What I love the most is that you access even criteria 

Check out the app here!

3] iLovePDF

How about a tool that not only lets you reorder, organize, and convert PDF files?

If yes, then iLovePDF has it all! 

As the name implies, you will love its incredible and effective features. It’s genuinely for productive individuals. You can convert from PDF to JPG, Word, PPT, and Excel. 

Besides, it even lets you convert JPG to GIF and PNG files. Moreover, this tool can compress  PDFs. Its organizing and reordering feature has a pretty simple and friendly UI. The app’s OCR has an efficient AI, which makes the feature quite reliable, unlike most others. If you want to add page numbers, you can do that too. 

Further, it lets you protect PDFs using a passcode and even Unlock a PDF file. Besides, you can also repair the PDF in it. It integrates some of the tools of ILoveIMG also. Thus, you can even resize, compress, and convert images. 

Check out the app here!

4] Smallpdf: PDF Scanner & Editor

How about a PDF editor tool with the highest ratings under the category?

If yes, then Small PDF has achieved the stance! 

Owing to its brilliant features and excellent user experience, the app has  4.8 ratings out of 5 on PlayStore. You can reorganize and Reorder the pages by dragging and dropping pages. The most striking feature of the app is that you can even combine PDFs using the Merge PDF option. 

Reading PDFs carefully is also a reader Mode that makes things easier for you. You can rename, compress, and even sign PDFs. Besides, it even allows you to enhance the colors of your file. 

You can compress PDFs from 40 to 75%, depending on your file size. It will not affect its quality, and you can quickly share that via email. 

Moreover, you can convert, create, compress, rotate, and merge PDFs. You can also delete specific pages from a PDF. It does them all in a fraction of a second. Its ease of use and multiple features make the tool a go-to choice.

Check out the app here!

5] Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF

How about a reliable PDF reordering tool that requires no subscription and is ad-free, too?

If yes, then Adobe Reader aces the function well!

When talking about powerful, productive software that makes your chores more straightforward, we cannot miss out on talking about Adobe tools. The remarkable feature of Adobe Acrobat Reader is that you can even install its software on your laptop or desktop computer. 

Unlike most other software, its accessibility is not confined to Android and iPhone. Yes, you guessed that right, you can even install it on a Mac, iPad, tablet, or Notebook. You can Reorder the pages or organize your PDF also. 

One extraordinary feature is that you can rectify a typo or add certain content by editing the PDF. However, as it’s remarkable, you must avail yourself of its premium plan.

You can annotate PDFs and even sign them. Its Liquid Mode helps in quick navigation. Creating a PDF again does wonders. However, it does not have a compression tool, and you must get a separate one for email-friendly files. 

Check out the app here!

The Final Word 

If you were searching for how to Reorder & Organize pages of any PDF, you would have gotten your answer. Several software lets you do so quickly at the pace of your smartphone. Notebloc, Foxit, iLovePDF, SmallPDF and Adobe Acrobat are the best ones on the list. If you are looking for tools on PC, then Adobe Acrobat is the best. 

If you want to create, Reorder, and compress for sharing, then Notebloc works the best. However, if you want a full-fledged functional, Foxit and ILovePDF are apt. Android users have loved the SmallPDF the most!