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Power supply unit (PSU) manufacturer Seasonic is a very well-liked choice among PC builders, especially gamers. Its high performance and quiet operation make it a great addition to any computer, whether a high-end gaming PC or one with a tight budget. Seasonic has introduced three new third-generation PRIME series PSUs—PRIME TX, PRIME PX, and PRIME GX—following the success of the PRIME and PRIME Ultra series.

All three Seasonic PRIME models—PRIME TX, PRIME PX, and PRIME GX—are fully modular PSUs with multiple GPU support. This enables you to manage your cables better because you can attach or detach cables depending on your needs. However, these three PSUs’ prices and power supply efficiency ratings differ the most. PX, GX, and TX are certified as Titanium, Platinum, and Gold, respectively. Price-wise, TX is the most expensive, GX is the most affordable, and PX offers the best value in terms of cost and effectiveness.

The power supply efficiency rating of a PSU, however, what does it mean? Which should you choose for your computer? This article will discuss how these incredible PSUs compare to one another. Let’s begin the comparison now!

Seasonic Prime TX vs. PX vs. GX:

As mentioned, the Seasonic PRIME TX, PX, and GX series have different power supply efficiency ratings. But there are also other things to think about. So, let’s look at this confrontation between the Seasonic Prime TX, PX, and GX.

Power Supply Efficiency Rating

Simply put, your PSU’s power supply efficiency rating tells you how much energy it converts from AC (Alternative Current) to DC (Direct Current). For instance, a PSU with an “80 PLUS” rating can convert 80% of the AC it receives into DC, with the remaining 20% released as heat.

The “80 PLUS” rating on all three Seasonic PRIME TX, PX, and GX series indicates that they have an 80% power to 20% heat ratio. According to this rating, these PSUs use less energy to power your computer than other, more inefficient PSUs. Along with lowering your electricity bill, it also helps to create a healthier environment.

This 80% efficiency rating is further divided into the bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and titanium categories. The efficiency standard rises as you move up in these categories. Here, bronze denotes the lowest efficiency standard, and titanium the highest.

The 80 PLUS Titanium certification, the highest level on the market, is present in the PRIME TX series. With a 50% system load, it operates at 94% efficiency. Even though this PSU series is the priciest and most influential of the three, its efficiency level is unmatched. The best materials are used in the production of these PSUs. Choose a PSU from the PRIME TX series if cost is not a concern and power efficiency and a healthier planet are your top priorities.

The 80 PLUS Platinum designation has been granted to the PRIME PX series. These PSUs provide 92% efficiency at 50% system load. The Platinum rating indicates the PX series’ premium PSUs. Like the TX series, the PX series provides PSUs with dependable performance and quality while lowering your electricity bill. Additionally, the PX series is more reasonably priced than the TX series. A PSU from PRIME PX will be your best choice if you want a high-end PSU with features similar to the TX series but at a lower cost.

Finally, the 80 PLUS Gold Certification is a feature of the PRIME GX series. At a 50% system load, the PSUs in this series have an efficiency of 90%. The PX and TX provide the best power efficiency, but the GX series is ideal for most mid to high-tier systems. The GX series offers excellent reliability and performance due to its comparably low price. The PRIME GX series is for you if you want the highest power efficiency at the most competitive price.

Micro Tolerance Load Regulation

Micro-tolerance load regulation is a feature that is present in every PSU from the Seasonic PRIME TX, PX, and GX series. This technology provides a steady power supply by maintaining the output voltage within a narrow range. There is less than 0.5% load regulation. Meaning that changes in load level have almost no impact on the output voltage. This provides astounding electrical performance and stability.

Connection Design

The cable-free connection design is a brand-new engineering feature offered by Seasonic in all PRIME TX, PX, and GX PSUs. These PSUs connect their PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) and back panels using copper plates rather than cables. As a result, there is a much lower chance of production errors occurring during manual insertion. This feature also offers a higher output power quality.

Fan Control

Seasonic PSUs are renowned for operating quietly. The same experience is provided by the PRIME TX, PX, and GX series. Hybrid Mode, which the brand created in-house, is used. Using this cutting-edge fan control mechanism, you can reduce the fan noise from your PSU to the absolute minimum level.

Fan Bearing

The Fluid Dynamic Fan Bearing offered in the PRIME TX, PX, and GX series of Seasonic PSUs is another element that contributes to the PSUs’ quiet operation. Compared to traditional ball bearings, these are dependable, offer high performance, and generate the most minor heat and noise during operation. Because of the lubrication, which reduces vibration and friction, they use less power. These bearings also extend the fan’s life by dissipating heat and producing noise and are built well.


The connectors on the PRIME TX, PX, and GX are gold-plated. Gold has a high resistance to oxidation and rust so that corrosion won’t be an issue. In terms of conductivity, gold ranks third in the world. As a result, even in corrosive environments, you get a constant high electrical conductivity. Furthermore, you can be confident that any interference caused by an electromagnetic field won’t affect the connectors on your PSU because gold is non-magnetic.


As mentioned, Seasonic used the highest-quality components in the PRIME TX, PX, and GX PSUs to ensure incredible durability. Additionally, the business guarantees outstanding performance while providing outstanding power efficiency. The warranty that Seasonic provides further demonstrates this assurance. A whopping 12-year warranty is included with every PRIME TX, PX, and GX PSU.


The choice between PRIME TX, PX, and GX will depend on your budget and preferred level of power efficiency. What is our current position in the conflict between the Seasonic Prime TX, PX, and GX? The PRIME TX PSUs are for you if you have the resources to invest in power efficiency at the highest level. Choose a PRIME PX PSU if you want the next highest level of power efficiency within a more affordable range. Finally, choose the PRIME GX if you want a high level of power efficiency at the lowest cost possible.


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