Shorten URLs On Your Desktop: MURLs

Shorten URLs On Desktop

One of the most common problems bloggers or digital marketers face is long URLs. They all have a similar problem while posting or promoting their web page or website. The URL appears so long that sometimes it does not support the character limits. Are you facing the same problem?  I have faced this problem a lot of times. I found a solution many users trust, and I want to share the same. You can shorten URLs on your desktop using tools meant for it. 

The tools meant for it are easy to use, cost-effective, and time-saving. But there are a lot of tools available on the internet, so which one to choose? In this article, we will look at the six best URL shortener tools you should have on your desktop.

Here we begin!

Top Tools to Shorten URLs on Desktop

1] Bitly

Bitly offers services like comprehension of URLs and QR codes, too. SaaS company Bitly is designed in such a way that it will connect every piece of information for the audience. Of course, this platform will shorten your URL link, but what other facilities will it provide you? 

This question might hit your mind. The tool also allows you to analyze your link activity, like how many times it got clicked and came in interaction with others. Also, you can enjoy the personalizing link branding facility with Bitly. 

Other than this, you can make short links to your SMS, too. You can create SMS communication to remind your clients about appointments, changes, support, helpdesk, etc. The unique feature that makes this tool more user-friendly is that it provides a retargeting facility. So, you can target your consumers who leave in the middle.

Also, as discussed above, it creates shorter links for QR codes. It is also a unique feature you might like.


  • Easy to use
  • Offer some free facilities
  • UTM parameter settings
  • Hosting facility
  • Systematic analytics


  • Slow customer services
  • Can’t organize links in folders
  • Links are not allowed on some social media platforms

2] Sniply

If you are a Chrome, Firefox, yahoo, or any other browser user, you can take advantage of shortening your URL links from Sniply. Besides, it provides services like designing CTA blocks on your website and any social media site or handles. 

You can customize your CTA block with buttons, images, forms, and designs. Other than this, you can also try A/B tests and analyze your link working. The extension is available for all browsers. You have easy access to your readers’ interaction with the link. 

As a personalized link, the API facility allows you to create a customized workflow with third-party applications. Some other feature of this io tool is keyword filtering, customer segmentation, automated publication, and many others. If you want a URL shortener, then you must try this one. 


  • Free plan on 1000 clicks
  • Social media integration
  • Easy to use
  • Onboard materials
  • Proper report and analytics


  • No forms available for free plan user
  • Some websites didn’t allow Sniply
  • Limited characters

3] TinyURL

TinyURL, like its name, is a tool to customize the URL in comprehensive links. Through this tool, you can track and analyze the working of URLs. This platform also allows you to customize branding on your links. 

Also, the Active dashboard of this platform allows you to have quick access to the tools. Most of the browsers allow TinyURL synthesized URL links. You can also enjoy the features like link tagging and visual formatting such as maps, charts, etc.


  • Campaign tracking and analytics
  • Cost-effective
  • No need to create an account
  • Link analytics
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Limited features
  • No clear pricing on add-ons

4] T2M

T2M is also a URL shortener that helps you shorten your site URL. This platform enables you to customize URLs and branded short links for your website and domains. You can use it to make printable, customized, and dynamic branded QR codes. 

Besides that, you have an advantage with a free SSL facility and multiple-user SSO. Are you looking for a URL shortener that helps you to manage your marketing campaign? This can help you to do so as well! 


  • Detailed analytics reports
  • CSV import and export facility for bulk action
  • graphical representation  on the dashboard for quick analysis
  • Single click sharing
  • Geo-targeting facilities


  • No clear price for add-on features
  • Can’t customize QR Code image

5] Cuttly

Another tool that helps you to solve your problem is Cuttly, a URL shortener software that can help your businesses by optimizing shorter links. Also,  this allows you to track and add pixels. 

Further, you can set expiration dates or number parameters. By adding pixels, you can manage them and edit page titles. This platform also allows you to make your customized QR Code for links. 

Other than this, Cuttly also provides insights into click rates based on various parameters, including languages, devices, browsers, and geo-locations. 

With this, you get a bonus, too; the software will also allow your businesses to manage link redirects, combine multiple short URLs into one bulk link, and change link names across branded domains.


  • Give you UTM parameter facility
  • Allow you to add tags
  • You can add descriptions in the links
  • Customize your domain


  • Need to be worked on link analytics
  • Detailed API services allowed to Paid users only
  • Expensive

6] Rebrandly

Through Rebrandly, you can manage links and QR Codes; this gives you access to customize and redirect links. You can create a bulk of links together. Other than this, you can retarget your audience, and through its analytics, you can have a check on your link activity.  Also, you can track social media engagement and enhance your brand visibility.


  • You can enjoy GDPR privacy
  • Accessed freely
  • Easy to use
  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Can add UTM values
  • Monitor the number of clicks


  • Need improvement in user interface
  • Bit challenging to customize URLs
  • Need improvement in the analytics report


When you were looking for how to shorten URLs on your desktop, you would have got your answer! Many tools are under the category, and we have mentioned the best ones that passed our expert quality tests. 

Further, you can choose one that suits your needs. Amongst these, there are several things which you should consider. The purpose for which you want, any additional features which you prefer, its price, interface, and similar. 

So, what is your purpose for shortening the URL? Please let me know in the comments given below!