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Sites like CartoonCrazy: Cartoons are a crucial part of everyone’s childhood. Listening to your most loved cartoon’s jingle takes you down the memory lane. Apart from watching the repeat telecasts of your favorite cartoon on television, there were no other options to watch them again. But now it has become extremely easy to download or stream live your favorite cartoon shows, thanks to the internet.

There are several websites available on the internet that promise to let you stream your favourite cartoon shows in high quality but not all the websites give what they say. CartoonCrazy is one of the best websites to stream cartoon shows online. CartoonCrazy offers cartoon series dubbed, anime subbed in the English language and it is very famous in the US. It is also known as WatchAnimeDub.

Now that adult audience is also competing with the children when it comes to streaming cartoons online, the alternatives to CartoonCrazy has rapidly increased. We have made a list of the top ten best alternatives of WatchCartoonOnline to save you the time and pain.

10 Best Sites like CartoonCrazy to Watch Cartoon Online (CartoonCrazy Alternatives)

1. KissAnime

KissAnime should not be confused with KissAnimeClub. KissAnime is the number one website to watch cartoons online. It offers cartoons and anime in various languages with added subtitles. Users can get HD quality anime videos of their choice. KissAnime has been streamlined for smartphones so that users can access the website on their phones as well. But you should also be ready for a lot of pop-ups as it is a free website’s revenue source.

KissAnime has gained high popularity over the years and now has a traffic of up to 40 million users monthly. More than 20 million users belong to the US and what they love the most about KissAnime is the dubbed and subtitled anime videos and cartoons.

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2. AnimePahe

Based on user experience and interface, AnimePahe is an excellent website for watching cartoons online. The video player is good with an easy user interface. The home page of the website is completely ad-free which makes the website more favorable. With a single-click selection, your favorite anime videos start playing in an efficient video player.

This website is ideal for anime lovers as it offers a lot of subbed and dubbed anime and videos. AnimePahe is extremely popular in many countries which gives the website monthly traffic of 2.5 million users. The majority of the audience belongs to the UK, US, India, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

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3. WatchOnlineCartoons

The user-interface of WatchOnlineCartoons is magnificently developed to be systematized. It gives an agreeable and enjoyable user experience. Though there are many pop-up ads they open on a new tab without stopping you from continuously watching your favourite cartoon or anime.

The website is absolutely free for user access and there is no registration required either. The website has thousands of oldest, latest and popular anime movies and series to offer, all dubbed in English. The user-base of the website is immensely from the US, UK, and Canada. The monthly viewership of the CartoonCrazy is 12 million users.

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4. Anime Nova

The website has a basic text-based user-interface. On the homepage of the websites, all the shows’ and movies’ titles are clearly and completely mentioned for users’ ease of selection. The user interface is extremely easy and users can navigate through the website well. No irritating pop-ups are coming up on the home page either.

The clean and orderly maintained layout of the website has a strong search system for the users to look for their choice of videos instantly. As the website mainly features anime videos, the majority of the audience belongs to the US and Japan. AnimeNova gets around 3 million users every month to visit the website.

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5. 9Anime

In today’s date, 9Anime is one of the most popular anime streaming websites available. It has a gigantic collection of old, new and popular anime shows. The best feature of the website that no other website offers is that it accepts users’ requests. If your desired anime is not listed or available on the website, you can easily put in your request to the admin.

The user interface and website are not up to base on users’ experience but 9Anime has a vast selection of popular anime. Several pop-up ads open during the video are playing but they open in a new tab in the browser. The website’s popularity has managed to attract 10 million users every month, mostly from the US.

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6. AnimeShow

If you are not able to access CartoonCrazy in your country then you can always head to AnimeShow as it has tons of famous anime movies and series to offer. The only disappointing factor of the website is that whenever you click on the page or any video, a lot of pop-up ads frequently open.

The user interface is quite interactive with largely written titles and thumbnails for users’ ease to navigate. A list of latest and popular anime videos is displayed on the right side of the homepage for users to easily choose from. In spite of frequent ad pop-ups, the website manages to bag monthly traffic of 11 million users. The majority of the users are from Australia, Germany, the UK, and the US.

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7. FreeOnlineAnime

It is one of the most favored options available online. It is not ideal for cartoon lovers. The website is more towards anime videos, series, and movies. The user interface is super easy for every age group of users to operate.

The video player of the website is very much similar to YouTube, which makes the website stand out amongst other websites. Users can stream videos of their choice in HD quality. Though the website doesn’t have a huge user base because it is still new as compared to other websites, it is still highly recommended.

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8. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network is not just a website on the internet but there is an age-old channel of the same on television. It is the most loved channel by everyone in their childhood. There was a time when Cartoon Network was the only channel on television meant for cartoons and/or kids entertainment. The majority of cartoon and anime lovers are already aware of Cartoon Network.

Both the user interface and user experience are simply excellent because the website is like some premium service; in just 2 clicks you can play your desired video. The bad part of Cartoon Network is that its library is very small. Due to a small library, the website gets traffic of only 1 million users per month.

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9. OtakuStream

OtakuStream offers users the latest released anime movies and series along with old and popular anime videos. Its display has a feature called Dark/Light; which can change the display mode into day or night based on users’ choice. OtakuStream does not have any ads on its homepage. Users can sign up with their email address or with their Facebook/Twitter account as well.

The website also has an in-site search engine through which users can look up for their desired anime and cartoon instantly. OtakuStream is an extremely popular website for anime and cartoons, thanks to its comfortable and amazing user-interface. The website enjoys traffic of 15 million users every month. Most of its audience belongs to Canada, Germany, the UK, and the US.

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10. AnimeTV

Last but not least is AnimeTV. It is also a great place to watch all your desired anime videos and cartoons. The website offers videos dubbed in English with subtitles. Both left and right sidebars are full of displayed ads filled with large anime thumbnails in the middle of the sidebars. Users can choose to sign-up with their Facebook and Twitter accounts. AnimeTV is favored a lot in the UK and US with 7 million users every month.

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With the help of this list, now you know there are many other websites you can always go to when CartoonCrazy doesn’t help. There are no amazing or best free websites that offer every premium feature. Everything has its pros and cons. But if you still wish to enjoy the premium services, you can always opt for a paid anime and cartoon streaming website.


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