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Sites Like Fingerhut: Ever faced a situation of buying something wanted and ran out of money? You may borrow money from your friends or take some advances from your salary, but have you tried the typical option of loaning directly from your shop keeper?

Coz that’s what Fingerhut and alike sites do (buy now pay later). Offering their customers credit to buy things from their online stores and let them pay in installments. And it’s a wanted feature these days.

In Fingerhut, all you need to do is submitting the details like Name, DOB, Address, Email, Phone number, and Social Security Number. This lets Fingerhut led WeBank to verify you for accessing credit. Don’t worry, the best thing here is, you’ll get approved almost instantly even with a bad credit score!

Purchasing items worth $100 right away and paying for it in $10 each month! Offers of such are irresistible, but make sure it doesn’t cross your buying capacity.

Fingerhut partnered with WebBank, to provide the credit in the form of Fingerhut Advantage Credit Account which lets the customer to avail credit purchases.

You may try any of these below, but if interested in Fingerhut alone, go grab the offer running currently. You can avail of a flat discount of $25 off from your first purchase by applying the code JBB3 (minimum order value $100).

And trying something other than Fingerhut, these are your choices (shopping places like Fingerhut):

6 Best Sites Like Fingerhut (Fingerhut Alternatives):

1. HSN – Buy Now Pay Later

It has a wide catalog just like others. And lets customers have a 15% discount when subscribed to emails. Niches in ornaments and jewelry, but lists other gadgets too.


2. Monroe and Main

Niches in clothing. M&M can fulfill the desires of the grand closet for any type of customer.


3. QVC – Shopping Places like Fingerhut

Not just by site, QVC is much more popular on television too. It’s an FTA channel that constantly keeps on covering the trending and cool products available. Can avail $5 off on first purchase and is mostly niches in beauty and decorative goods.


4. Gettington (Fingerhut vs Gettington)

Another fine catalog website that’s under Colony Brands. Ranging from electronics to jewelry and sports to kitchenware, almost everything’s listed on the site. Alongside fine UI, it showcases much of the products under discounts on the home page to let customers know what’s hot.


5. Swiss Colony

A credit lending site just as others, but typical. Its typicality is determined by the products it sells. This is the first and one of my favorites where you can purchase food on credit basis! Swiss Colony sells items like cake, cheese, sausages, chocolates, fruitcakes, etc. Not just these, the site also specializes in vending furniture, home decors, electronics, apparels, etc but niches mostly in party food items. Can avail credit for purchases and pay later.


6. Midnight Velvet

Owned by Colony Brands, which is the same parent company that owns both Monroe and Main and Swiss Colony. Specializes in trendy wears for both the genders.



Those are our best picks. Besides, there are others like Stoneberry, FlexShopper, Ginny’s, etc, yet, finding the right credit lender is up to you.

Most of the websites do offer free shipping on eligible items and lets you save extra pennies. Providing some extra discounts on eve days is another perk along with the credit. After all, one major concern here is about, most of the sites are situated and deliverable within the US only.

Is purchasing things on such a credit basis is a good idea?

Yes and No. The answer to this depends completely on your financial behavior. If you can get control of your expenses and incomes and can master them accordingly, then this buying option could be a good one. But if you can’t control the flow of money, better don’t pick this plan. Besides, the best perk other than buying things on credit is, building your credit score. As whenever you apply for a loan in the future, lenders do judge your credibility based on your credit score. And for that to be fair, you need to have previous credit records that are paid in time. Building one through sites like Fingerhut is a good start.

Whatever, make sure you wouldn’t turn default on payments, anyhow. Turning insolvent on these petty payments doesn’t just make you bad at this platform, but affects in sourcing future loans too. Hoping that wouldn’t happen, happy shopping.


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