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Sites like WorldStarHipHop: Lee “Q” O’Denat, a high school dropout from Cleveland had a website which bases almost every music, outrage and other teenage content updated frequently.

At the age of 31, O’Denat launched a site naming “WorldStarHipHop” which is now 13 years old and the first one to lookup from any teenager for hip-hop updates.

5 Best Sites Like WorldStarHipHop (WSHH Alternatives) is one of the first sites to produce/update the happenings of the music world, public outrages, celeb news etc. It’s now ranked 336 in the US and 1202 in global (latest Alexa ranks) and has traffic views of 500,000+ every day. Though the site is not that attractively looking, its coverage of trending content and usage of the platform by bands and artists to release their works keeps the community very active and visit daily.

There are tons of videos posted daily, having thousands of views and followers. Registering into the site is voluntary, but if done so, can comment and follow specifics to be interested.

And you know, there’s always an alternative. Almost for everything. And here we’ve listed a few alternatives for WorldstarHipHop. They are active and cool as well. Check them below with their worldwide Alexa ranks:

(Note: Alexa ranks shouldn’t be a single metric for judgment. You should try and configure every site to serve you accordingly. Check them and value them.)

1. AllHipHop

A must check-in if you’re searching for hip-hop news. Unlike Worldstar, AllHipHop keeps the UI simple and easy. It’s even followed by CNN, New York Times and many other publications as a source.

AllHipHop has affiliated with Maven, an expertise platform to keep up with its digital content.


2. XXLMag

The site isn’t having https certificate like Worldstar, but whatever, we just hop in for updates. And if we get it, we feel good right? It has collections of usual hip-hop news and interesting CCTV footages from locals. Divided into music, news, videos, and others to easily navigate for what’s required. It even has a shop selling its own apparel (XXL tees and hoodies).

Well, that site ( is protected with https though. You can purchase ’em if you like, all secured.



Sohh’s every page takes time for loading, which seems reasonable for its heavy graphical images and does much prompting than its peer sites for subscribing and permissions. Yet, this’s good one in content updates and community forums. It’s worth a try.


4. BooBooTV

It’s not just for hip-hop, but every mess you can cover. It produces mostly videos of all genres. It has videos regarding news, interviews, messed up vids of drugs and cops and even some A-rated channels called Candy shop! Some could be disturbing, help yourself in jumping into them.

Besides these, the content linking to the hip-hop world is fairly covered. Interviews of artists and their projects are finely filmed. Unfortunately, this site doesn’t have a mobile-compatible version, needs to view in desktop version only.


5. HotNewHipHop

It is one of the best video sites like WorldStarHipHop and has strong likes from all over the world. It covers the updates from a wide range starting of music to lifestyle and sports to other entertainment.

The site is fairly accessible and has fast loading time. Any video/news updated into the feed is immediately caught up by the world. That shows its community’s uptime.


Wrapping Up

All of the sites have the same genre, hip-hop. Some may get more shades, but every site focuses on hip-hop latest, celebrity news and their controversies with some local nonsenses. But every site keeps up the youngsters updated and entertained. If you wanted to know something big happening in the hip-hop world and celebs life before they break out in famous newspapers, you better be following any of these sites.

Try and let us know! We wanna hear from you.


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