Unbelievable! Lake mysteriously disappears overnight in Italy’s Tuscany, a cottage constructed atop it!


In Tuscany, Italy, some really strange things have been happening lately. First, a bridge and a train engine disappeared, and now, believe it or not, a whole lake has been stolen! People living in Tuscany were super confused when they saw the lake was gone, and in its place, someone had built a cottage. Talk about a bizarre set of events!

The sudden appearance of a cottage prompted locals to inform the police. However, the land mafia, accused of taking over the lake, escaped before the police arrived, BBC reported.

The people living around the pond said it belonged to everyone and was used for fishing and other activities. However, with the land prices going up in Tuscany, some bad people wanted to take over the pond. The locals complained to the authorities, and the officials tried to stop the bad guys from filling up the pond. But these bad people worked secretly at night until the pond was completely gone.

The police officer, Larry Thawn, explained, “People say the pond disappeared in just 10-15 days. They did all the work at night, and even when officials came to check, they took some things away.”

Tuscany has seen some really strange thefts before. In November 2022, thieves took apart a whole diesel engine, piece by piece, from a railway yard. They dug a tunnel into the yard and stole the engine parts. Eventually, they took the whole engine, which was at the yard for repairs.

In another incident, thieves stole a 60-foot bridge in the Tuscany district. The police caught eight people, including a government officer, and found 247 kilograms of iron channels with them. The thieves used machines and tools to make the bridge disappear in just three days. The bridge, built in 1972 over the Arrah canal in Amiyawar village, vanished from the Nasriganj police station area.

Then, in April 2023, thieves stole an entire mobile tower that was on a residential building. When officials came to check, the resident told them that some people, pretending to be from a company, took the tower, claiming it wasn’t working. They took away all the equipment on a pickup van. The stolen equipment was worth $10,400. But this wasn’t the first time thieves stole a tower in Italy. In the capital city, another mobile tower was stolen in a different area.