Top 8 Websites to Use When You Are Bored

Whether you have plenty of chores to do or not, there will still be some time in the day when you experience boredom. Right from a school-going child to Bill Gates, boredom spares no one. But have you ever thought about ways to kick off your boredom?

Fortunately, you can kick off your boredom by visiting some of the trendiest websites. So, if you are looking for websites to use when getting bored, then I’ve covered you all.

I suppose you’re not the one who would just be scrolling through social media platforms! They do have a productive purpose, but most people browse through the platforms to pass their time.

Here’s where websites will inspire you, and some of them will easily polish your knowledge. You could also get ideas and DIY tutorials apart from entertainment!

Best Websites To Use When Getting Bored

Amongst plenty of websites that claim to kill your time and stand out as the best, finding the best ones seems a daunting task. While it isn’t easy to find, I’ve used some productive and interesting ones whose usage you would never regret.

So, without any further ado, let’s dig into the details!

1] Bored Panda

Bored Panda itself reveals the highlights of this site, more than what I am going to show. This is the website that would not only punish your boredom but also procure your mind with fascinating ideas. It publishes several blogs to help you discover travel destinations, photography ideas, illustrations, a comprehensive list of animals, tech-related content, DIY, etc.

The content in the blog posts is aesthetically appealing and engaging for you. It covers many topics that fascinate most of us; however, the negative part is that some content often goes off track. However, whether you like or dislike it, you can always vote for your opinion.

2] Marginalian (formerly Brain Pickings)

When you are bored, it doesn’t always mean you choose to do something out of the box. Art, science, and literature are the domains that fascinate most of you around the globe. So, you explore blog posts related to this content and gain more knowledge. This might sound boring, but it is interesting.

If you love these domains, you would indeed have a curious mind. Content created with the help of multiple platforms to bring out the best would surely blow up your mind. Moreover, visit the website, and you’ll also discover some of the nearest books to add to your To-Do List!

3] TED

TED is one of the most renowned platforms. It is an organization that conducts conferences often throughout the world. Through these conferences, people from different walks of life share their experiences and ideas and create awareness if required. These videos are shared on the platform TED.

Moreover, people look upon it as an inspiring and life-changing one! The best part is finding your desired video related to your desired topic. I find these very interesting as they engage me extensively and also inspire me in the daily aspects of life. Further, it even takes you through different aspects of life and ways to deal with problems.

4] Laughing Squid

Art, technology, and culture are something that we all prefer. Moreover, if you need some humorous, motivating, and incredible posts, this is your good-to-go website. If you’re already bored, you won’t like to spare your time gazing at lengthy content.

5] Vsauce

Well, this is an exceptionally famous and flourishing YouTube channel. It has attracted over 15 million subscribers in no time! Undoubtedly, the staff on this channel is knowledgeable.

Moreover, it is also fascinating! It would not only kick off your boredom but also stuff your mind with knowledge in an exciting way.

6] Oddee

If you love some unusual and bizarre stuff, the Oddee website features the most renowned blogs. The content includes art, science, medicine, technology, stories, gifts, and more. It brings out the unique content that would make you crazy.

Besides, Oddee collects stories from the most exciting sources, creating the best posts to entertain you.

7] Mental Floss

Mental Floss is also known as “the encyclopedia of everything.” This site is capable enough to answer most of the intriguing questions. You can rely upon this site for the most exciting news.

However, its advertisements could distract you. It is your go-to website for reading the trendiest articles, incredible view lists, compelling videos, and much more. You could even play quizzes and polish your knowledge with the cleverest facts.

So, choose this website and broaden your understanding of everything with this website!

8] The Useless Web

Don’t judge a book by its cover! This is what I would like to say about this website. However, the name says, “The Useless Web”, but it has lots and lots of stuff that could add products to you. It is easy, fun, and exciting to use. Though it’s a website like others, it typically features the silliest websites that prevail on the internet.

The Final Word

All these websites to use when getting bored have a breadth of uniqueness among the regular content on the Internet. You often get bored scrolling down regular chats and social media feeds.

But, reading these websites will fascinate you and provide interesting information that makes it worth your time. These websites give information about a different set of categories, and often, you can find a way to pursue your interest among them.

An interesting aspect is that many present unique angles to the everyday trending stories. Now that you know about them, quickly look at some of them. You will get intrigued at first sight. Read exciting content, solve puzzles and riddles, watch engaging videos, and more.

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